Startup Competition

Take part in the largest Balkan competition for innovation and make your pitch in front of  active international venture capital, private equity and corporate investors.

The startup competition will help entrepreneurs from the Balkans to:

  • Acquire investments
  • Connect to the investor community
  • Build capacity and competencies

We are inviting all entrepreneurs, innovative start-ups, innovators, fast growing companies, individual inventors, researchers and all other interested companies to participate in our competition and investor readiness programs.

If you have an interesting project, regardless of whether you are just beginning or would like to expand, we invite you to register your profile and qualify for our competition.

Most financing opportunities will be in fields of ICT, life science (bio-medicine, bio-tech, health, pharmaceuticals, and medical devices), as well as renewable energies, energy efficiency and green concepts.

You are strongly encouraged to personally interpret the meaning of these areas and to apply in any case.

Requirements for applicants

- Provide innovative products or services;
- Must be privately owned, including investor-backed companies;
- Entrepreneurs/innovators must be registered in Southeastern Europe.

Evaluation criteria for the Startup Competition

Business potential
The company has identified a good market and customer base for their products and/or services, and can clearly demonstrate how they can effectively sell to their customers.

Team experience
The company’s team has the necessary skills and experience to grow the business.

Product/Technology merit
The products and/or services offered are innovative, technologically advanced, of better quality, or lower price, or otherwise have distinct competitive advantages.

Competitive position
The company can demonstrate a solid competitive advantage through intellectual property (existing or potential trade secret, copyright, trademark, patent, etc.) and/or potential market channels, strong partners, etc.

Investment or partnering interest
The company has clearly identified the type of partnership and/or investment that they are looking for.

Project profile quality
The information presented is well defined, clear, concise and attractive for potential investors/partners.


  • 15 companies from the region will be selected for the startup competition;
  • The deadline for application is until 25.11.2015, selected applicants will be notified by 27.11.2015;
  • Each selected company will have 3 minutes to present, after which there will be 3 minutes for questions from the investors;
  • If you are not ready to present your project at this edition of the Balkan Venture Forum, you are welcome to attend the Forum and participate in the networking, expert presentations and get inspiration and energy from the leading-edge participants.
  • IMPORTANT: Selected startups that will pitch at the Startup Competition will receive one free event ticket and 50% discount on their second ticket.

Apply here!