Meet the 41 startups selected to pitch at BKVF Sarajevo

After an intense evaluation by our selection committee, we are happy to announce the selected teams that will be pitching at the Balkan Venture Forum Sarajevo. We have a great variety of startups coming from all over Europe and further: Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Greece, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Croatia, Kosovo, Romania and even United Kingdom and Canada!


So let’s check out the top 41:

CleanTech and Life Science

Sociallgreen P.C.

Sociallgreen P.C. is a tech company that develops the platform that changes recycling. Far away from the wealthy tech ecosystems we continuously iterate to make recycling fun and interactive for people around.



Bioskopi Medical & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.

Bioskopi Medical & Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. is a pretty young R&D company. It was founded and established in Samsun/TURKEY by an internist/rheumatologist doctor and a regional sales manager at a worldwide known medical company. The main existence of the company is to serve healthcare industry with a unique biopsy device and new approach to biopsy application. Easy-Cut ® is a combination of aspiration and guillotine (tru-cut) biopsies with additional features. It consists of two needles attached to a syringe with additional components such as a two way check-valve which prevents reverse flow. They are currently working on their second project related with biopsy. Their products are registered and patented product carrying ISO 9001, ISO 13485 quality certificates and CE mark.



BalkanViator is a provider of information on bus timetables, bus tickets, taxi services, and ride-sharing in Southeast Europe. Their vision is to be the most user-focused and preferred provider of information on bus timetables, bus tickets, taxi services, and ride-sharing in Southeast Europe and to make tickets for every bus route in the region available for purchase online.


Wallet Buzz SRL

Wallet Buzz connects merchants (and their offers) to the customers on account of the area they are located in. Through the geo- location function, the app presents the merchant’s offers to the customers on account of the area they are located in. At the same time it provides to the users the easy activation of the offers by a simple uniquely generated voucher.



Online Global Solar Earnings and Savings assessment. They offer customer acquisition solutions for solar companies involving cross-industry exchange, provide tools for remote customer service and property valuations tool for home owners and operate live climate data for precise and non-generic output. Their backbone is an online SaaS (Software as a Service) package for solar energy potential assessment with global coverage.



WuuGames has a different vision for video games. Instead of using weapons and gore as our main tool to deliver our product, we want to create video games that have rich storylines, make users use logic to solve puzzles and connect reality with virtuality as much as possible. We want our players to apply their motor skills learned and practiced in virtual reality (video games) in real life. They will be able to separate a big problem into smaller pieces and then solve it more efficiently.



AllCanCode is about teaching kids how to code by playing adventure games where they use a visual programming language to express the solution of each game level.





Gigalize is startup inspired by the idea of giving music fans the power to get their favorite artist to play in their town. Based on the campaigning model, the user can sign up and start a campaign, asking other fans to support him and when they reach a goal of people interest we promise to contact promoter and agents and try to make the concert happen. Gigalize aspires to radically change the music industry as far as concert promotion goes and make it more fan oriented therefore bridging the gap between supply and demand and optimizing it, making it a win – win situation for all parties involved (fans, promoters, artists).



Hospitus is a service addressed to hotels located in metropolitan economic centers, giving them the sales leads to provide direct personalized services to business travelers, while business travelers have the opportunity to get these services, based on their queries, eliminating the Third Party costs and saving time.



B2BLoad is an online transport platform with the primary focus to connect the businesses (focusing on less than one truck load) with the freight transporters. The platform has the same principal as The company (shipper) enters a transport request and subsequently the platform will present the available trucking options. The transport platform enables SME’s to find quickly and easy the most suitable solution to outsource their transport, in terms of price and service that the transporters offer. For the transporters this platform is an easy tool to present themselves to the market, which will lead to suitable demand which results in an optimized use of their trucks due to the higher level of utilization, which realizes an efficient and productive transport flow. This efficiency for transporters and companies which is reached by outsourcing and collaboration is a requirement for businesses in order to survive in the current economic position Europe is operating in.



Navideck is building automotive software that targets mobile platforms. Our primary target is iOS and especially iPads. The purpose of the software if to become a virtual co‐driver that will aid the driver in doing secondary tasks. Secondary tasks is everything that the driver does while driving besides driving. Examples are selecting music, selecting a destination on his GPS, texting, tweeting etc. Their goal is to decrease the distractions which come as a side effect of these secondary tasks. d.o.o Skopje is an interactive solutions company based in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. The company is superb in knowledge, creativity and delivery of final product and service. We offer a wide range of services that can be broken down into: Mobile applications development (Android, iOS and Windows Mobile), Web applications (eCommerce, Web portals), Mobile and e-mail marketing services, Custom Web and Desktop software development, Hosting and SaaS services, Software Outsourcing.


Digimat SRL

DIGIMAT offers technological and service solutions to satisfy the organizational needs of business and government offices. In each project DIGIMAT analyses the real needs of the client and defines in detail the required improvement objectives. At this stage DIGMAT develops the optimal solution within the available budget and with the planned return on investment. Over the years, DIGIMAT has built an expertise in the development of customized solutions that satisfy the needs of their clients. Such solutions employ the best emerging technologies which are more scalable robust and secure. The developers in DIGIMAT, in fact, are constantly trained and incentivized to improve their competences in the use of the best modelling and software development tools. is an online booking platform, which allows you to Create your own calendar and organize better meetings, add pictures, information, location, contact details, receive comments and feedback from anyone who has benefited from your service through social networks, and integration with your Google Calendar.


Chipo Labs

ChipoLabs Ltd. is a company devoted in developing innovative hand prosthesis for disabled people. We want to use business to business model by selling our product to prosthetics centers. This will ensure scalable sales while we can concentrate on the most important, the things which build our product’s value. SMART HAND has no equivalent product with such functionality, which makes it a innovation on a world level. There are similar analogues as commercial end products with less range of functionality. Analogues require special training, which takes a very long time for patients to get used to the full functionality of the prostheses. Last but not least is the price factor, which makes our product very attractable. The final price is few times lower than its market competitors.


Meister Plus Ltd.

Meisterplus is an online marketplace that helps you find trusted home improvement professionals. The process is really easy. Homeowners post jobs on the website and receive offers from relevant tradesmen. After the job is done homeowners leave feedback and recommendations. With this feature homeowners can compare tradesmen profiles, offers and ratings and confidently choose who they want to hire.


Smart Wearables LTD

Our company was established in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14.01.2014 and is just a few days away from marking its one month anniversary. We are five co-founders, three of them still in highschool, bringing freshness and eagerness to learn and develop. The other two, including myself, bring along experience and know-how in our respective areas. We also have a sixth member, helping us with the business development of the idea. Despite the different skills and expertise of each of us we all have two things in common: we are great team players and we love what we are doing.


Live Good j.d.o.o.

LIVE GOOD is brand new start-up within the Development Agency Zagreb – Technology Park Zagreb (RAZA-TPZ), where it is under the mentorship of CITUS, a mentor company within RAZA-TPZ known for many awards for innovation, patents, and ICT programming expertise. CITUS is also LIVE GOOD’s Joint Venture partner for BodyRecog. LIVE GOOD’s core activities are devoted to the promotion of lifestyle changes that improve longevity. They include developing innovative ICT systems for Biomedical Sciences – eHealth solutions, for easy, early and quick health risk detection in order to support chronic disease prevention and provide timely healthcare; increase patient awareness of personalised health risks, health and anthropometric data analyses of specific populations etc. As anthropometry finds its usage also in sports, and clothing, transport, and construction industries, we intend to gradually tackle these issues as well.



Edgar is a smart and simple tool for creating digital stories in a flash. It is also a neat toolkit for word-of-mouth marketing when used by businesses. Not only can they create their own brand stories, they can also co-create them with their customers. Transforming customers into fans while enriching the content strategy and boosting the engagement levels. Our customer are the SMBs: wineries, craft brewers, makers, Etsy artists. We help them leverage their loyal customers. They already express their love on Instagram and Facebook, but with Edgar this love comes in form of friend-to-friend marketing. Instead of a moment stripped out of context (eg. Instagram), these moments become meaningful stories. In the near future, we’re extending the storytelling toolkit with storytelling on the go. Simultaneously we are building a marketplace that will host experienced storytellers and content producers and connect them with the user community.



CITUS is knowledge based company that has innovative IT solutions created by experts for Mobile Solutions and Cloud Computing. We have developed number of applications and products, among which we would like to emphasize: 1. Conference@Net ( – C@N Web – on-line presence and content management system – C@N Motion – interactive multimedia kiosk managed by human body movement/gesture (Kinect) connected to C@N Web – C@N Mobile – interactive mobile solution for all 3 major mobile platforms 2. Protect@Work ( – IT system that enables middle and large enterprises to keep their employees and environment safe (Occupation Safety and Health Protection).


Pandoo TEK Inc.

Pandoo TEK Inc. specializes in R&D of innovative technologies, products and services. PANDOO provides a personalized web experience with integrated services, apps and games through a universal web desktop.



YoCrowd provides brands and companies with a whitelabel ios & android app that let them organise photo contents during events or new product launches. The brand can then select and filter the content in dashboard to create galleries or they can use an editor for create stories out of the user generated content (or they can let their user create the stories themself).


Light Docs

Light Docs will save money and time for companies by offering legal templates system and all legal services included. Light Docs successfully graduated BIZOO accelerator program and finished all preparations for successful starting of project. Our goal is to help every company in this area to overcome one of the biggest problems they are facing, legal documents. They are expensive, you wait so long to get them, and then when you need them most you lost them. This is regular headache of every company, But now with Light Docs, problems with legal documents and all other legal needs will be solved. We are offering all documents, packages (example: “Opening company package”) and a whole system for full control and every basic document one company needs. Everything that and much more online, for low prices, few seconds and lovely support. We care about our clients, Light Docs care about them.


COFA Games

We are gaming enthusiasts, we like to play games. Among us, we also happen to have pretty good programming and design skills. Put the two together and you have COFA Games – bunch of gamers united by the same goal and working under one roof. Goal is to create great games for desktops, tablets, mobile… Heck, we would develop a game for microwave ovens if we could.



YuTransfer is a young startup company made by enthusiastic young people willing to lose a lot in order to make the world a better place. The founders come from ex Yugoslavia countries, once upon a time one of the strongest country in Europe, today an area with many small countries. Meanwhile, it become a paradise for foreign banks and financial institutions, by having complete freedom to charge abnormally high commissions and fees, which usually don’t make sense for the rest of the world. Moreover, to send money from European Union to the Balkans, financial institutions charge up to 10% in fees. Consequently, we have found a solution to dramatically decrease that fees and help our countries and people by directly pumping money to local GDP. We want also to bring some social sense to the finance world, giving the people the access to a better service for less money. We have a charity organisation and a percetange of our fee will go in charity, so people can contribute with us to make the world a better place for everyone!


Alfanum Ltd.

AlfaNum is an innovative company gathering a team of experts which, for the past 15 years, has been striving to bring the world of modern speech technologies closer to a wide range of users. Until today the company has developed software components for high quality speech recognition and synthesis in Serbian, Croatian and Macedonian. In the development of these technologies, which were originally intended for the visually impaired, AlfaNum has established itself as the leader in the region. Besides speech technologies, AlfaNum also works on the development and implementation of products intended for the disabled, as well as the implementation of call centres, information centres and databases.


ALTENG Aircraft Ltd.

ALTENG Aircraft Ltd. is a company founded 2011 aim to offer the market to offer the market an amphibious plane and ecranoplan “canard” design, as well as new products. This will be the first amphibious aircraft canard forms in the world. Due to the canard position we have all aircraft lift higher then classic shape aircraft, and consequently those aircraft more buoyant gradient, which allows them to quickly get the desired flight altitude and shorter distances for takeoff and landing. This is a comfortable three seats multipurpose aircraft has extremely good maneuverability. Amphibian planes can be used for: sports and recreation, school activities, towing a glider, single seated version – for firefighting, landing at non-aqueous or dry terrains.



Lexicum is a platform for improving foreign language vocabulary in context. It lets users build vocabulary by capturing the words they encounter in both their lessons and everyday practice. To improve retention Lexicum then offers a flashcards quiz and other exercises with friends, scores and levels. The company was incorporated in December 2013. In January 2014 Lexicum joined the Emerge Education accelerator and received seed funding. Beta version of the website was released on February, mobile web – in March, native mobile app expected in April. We have 500 beta users and are running trials in three schools, including Eton College.



At PLAYIR we’re working on next-generation real-time technologies that allow you to create and publish 3D multiplayer experiences across any device, from any device, in real-time. Our current product portfolio includes a super-easy to use drag and drop editor, allowing non-technical to create and instantly share rich 3D multiplayer experiences from any device. A real-time A/B split testing tool for game engines to dynamically boost monetization rates of virtual items sales. An advanced user interface editor for game engines to rapid prototype and implement user interfaces for multiple devices in real-time, cutting out the need to stop, compile, link, deploy, run.



Appetitoso is a food-based search engine app and a personal food guide. It allows users to search for a specific dish, finding the best restaurants where tasting it. Appetitoso can recommend also special dishes, that users can taste near their position. In Appetitoso the restaurants are pre-selected using our own algorithm processing expert know-how and users comments. Appetitoso also allows restaurant owners, to manage their own page or register a new restaurant, adopting the freemium model.



Alleantia is an Internet of Things (IoT) company supplying an HW and OS-independent software platform for implementing native web and mobile monitoring and control applications for any kind of device and system. Alleantia main business target is to be a platform and service provider for connecting existing and future things to ‘internet’, that is providing ‘internet – friendly’ methods to connect, collect information and interact with and between them.



Changing the culinary fabric is our mission. Reaching some hypothetical and possibly unattainable level of delicious excellence the ultimate goal. As modern-day molecular gastronomes, drawing from philosophy, technology and mythology we co-create with Greek small and medium companies, giving them the tools to reach for the sky. Our technical product development system and all the knowledge we have, we share! Our exploration and knowledge about culinary development, from idea to final product, captured in one system available for all. Making idea creation, redesign of existing products and new product development easy. Sharing our knowledge is the thread that weaves our fates together and opens a world for craft and science delivering delicious results.



It‘s a tool for businesses that want to be active on FB, but don‘t know how to handle FB apps to be successful + they don‘t want to allocate big budgets for that. Appssolut is the greatest place to find easy to use and cost effective FB applications for all industries and companies of all sizes. Appssolut, provides simple, easy to use applications, without any knowledge for programming or design needed.



Pathflow is real life analytics, through a camera based system we study how customers move and behave inside a location. We are a startup based in the incubator H-Farm, close to Venice. We founded the company in July 2013 after the venture capital seed. The concept was born from the founder idea of studying how the retailer can improve their store performance and how the customer can have a better in- store experience. The team was arranged from common economics skills and digital knowledge, we are now in 6, and going to grow to enhance the technological global level and to be prepared to go to market with the good commercial expertise.



Connecting people with common passions: Travel, Photography & Culture. Instead of sharing photos we advise on how, when, where and with whom to shoot great photos in great places. We target to everyone love shooting photos, with a smartphone a compact or a pro camera. We also target blind travelers and photographers. Our mobile app allow users to interact with our servers also without data connection.



The patient experience is recognized as a vital component to providing optimal care. A positive patient relationship with healthcare providers is central to developing trust. This trust enables patients to partner with care providers and ultimately achieve better and faster health outcomes. Collabobeat is probably the first product in the digital health arena fully committed to continually improving and fostering this critical relationship. How? In three simple steps! 1. Doctors write patient’s visit notes on Collabobeat. 2. Doctors click on the ‘Share visit note’ button. 3. Patients have access to their visit notes, and comment on it anywhere they are, anytime they need and also from any device they already have. There is no need to buy an additional one.



ConnectiGo is communication channel (Mobile app / Web service / FB App) which will enable users to send news and multimedia content to news desks of registered media in instant time without knowing their contacts. It is “Send Us News” application, which can be used by any news media in world to create communication channel with their own audience. ConnectiGo will enable public users to get instant access to contact of media, send information and multimedia, thus becoming their crowd reporters – and earn money by participation.


Adelante it solution

Adelante it solution is an application for skiers, that increase level of security on sky resorts.



A-la-carte is an online urban city guide that helps people find cool places to eat, drink and relax. Fun and easy way to review and talk about restaurants and other food & drink locales.



Buzzoole is the first IEO (Influence engine optimization) platform. Through our platform, we want to help users optimize their online presence and engagement with their network to help them become influential in subjects in which they have expertise. Why? because in our vision the influence will become increasingly an alternative method of payment for access to discounts, special conditions or invitations to events. Buzzoole is really focused on Influence, not about popularity (like Klout, kred, peerindex). We work to understand what areas thematic / geographic a user is influential and how much for each of them. Our approach is focusing on gamification. Business model We Replicate the google ad words model in buzz marketing. Through our fully automated platform brands can generate buzz about their products / services through influencer of their niche market. The company pays on the basis of post really generated by the influencers.



CellDynamics is a start-up project that aims to simplify the understanding of cellular processes, thanks to the innovative device CellViewer, that can be used in the pharmacological and biomedical fields. The team, funded by the Spinner 2013 project, is developing a biomedical miniaturized tool that allows dynamic analyses right under the microscope. What emerges is a highly informative analysis (and a video) that allows the real time monitoring of a single cell.



Naymit makes places findable. It is a tool that lets you create a one-word “address” by which any visitor – guest, delivery man or the ambulance – can find your front door or any other location.



Follow me on My professional background is primarily as an IT engineer, entrepreneur and consultant, with experience in starting up and developing Internet and tech businesses, product development, ICT services, startup coaching and matching finance and support with innovation. In 2005 I founded Akota ING, a software services company with focus on software R&D and product development. In 2009 I spun-off Internet Trgovija, a regional e-commerce platform provider that provides online payment processing, aggregation marketplaces and business e-commerce SaaS. In 2011 I founded the Balkan Unlimited Foundation, which is a regional supporter of innovative entrepreneurship in the Balkans. It advances this mission by organizing the biannual Balkan Venture Forum, numerous startup coaching programs, mapping and matching financing with fast growing innovative businesses.

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