Klaus Konrad and Intel Capital in the Balkans

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment organization, will be well represented by Mr. Klaus Konrad, Investment Director at Intel Capital. Intel’s massive investment arm makes equity investments in innovative technology start-ups and companies worldwide, focusing on hardware, software, and services targeting a wide range of fields and industries.

Since 1991, Intel Capital has invested more than US$10 billion in over 1,140 companies in 50 countries. Intel knows innovation and, as they put it, “Intel Capital isn’t your average investor”. At the Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade this November, we hope to demonstrate that the Balkans are not your average region and no strangers to innovation, with the support and expertise of Mr. Konrad.

Intel Capital at the Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade

Klaus Konrad, Investment Director, Germany
Mr. Konrad joined Intel Capital in 2001. Prior to Intel Capital, Klaus was Fund manager with Allianz Asset Management where he covered the technology sector and built a European small cap fund. He spent some time with the M&A team of JP Morgan in New York. As IT consultant with Daimler Chrysler, he managed a global IT project covering worldwide Mercedes branches. Klaus covers Intel’s investments in Brainlab, supports iMall and Joulex. Further, he has invested in and managed exits for Click&Buy (acquired by Deutsche Telekom), Nawotec (acquired by Zeiss), Suse (acquired by Novell) and Xtreme (acquired by Ushio). Klaus has a PHD in Software Engineering and a MD in Electrical Engineering (Georgia Tech and University of Stuttgart) as well as an MBA (CDI, Paris).

Obviously, Klaus’ experience is a priceless asset to any conference and company, while Intel Capital has had a visible presence in this region through its offices in Bucharest, Romania and Istanbul, Turkey for several years now.

What Intel Capital Is Looking For

As stated in an interview last year by another top investment executive at Intel Capital last year, the investment company has already made and managed several successful investments in the region and their plans are to continue actively looking throughout the region for new investment opportunities.

We have already invested in Romania and Bulgaria in the past and are actively looking for additional investment opportunities in all the other countries. Our mandate is to make financially attractive investments in support of Intel’s strategy. As such we are making investments in very diverse technology sectors (system integrators, software development, internet content and services, telecommunications etc.). These can be grouped in two focus areas –development of local/regional IT markets and globally relevant, innovative products and services.

We are honored to have Mr. Klaus present at the Balkan Venture Forum in Belgrade this year and hope that his stay in the Balkans this time around will be as successful as it is pleasurable. We remind you that registration for the BkVF Pitching Competition within the conference in Belgrade is still open and invite you to apply with your projects, start-ups and companies. While you do that, here’s a word of advice straight from Intel Capital – “Every great business starts with an idea. An entrepreneur has the vision and drive to turn an idea from a dream into a company.” We hope to see you at BkVF 2012 in Belgrade soon.


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